The Tiger is all new for 1999, and lighter, nimbler, more comfortable
and more torquey than ever before! Triumph's popular enduro-styled
sports tourer now features a new engine, frame, bodywork, brakes and
suspension, leaving just the name and the special advantages of this
type of machine to the sports touring rider, further improved in the new
The engine is an 885cc liquid-cooled triple with fuel injection, tuned
for strong low rev torque and mid-range power to suit the Tiger's role
as a tourer. It's fitted to a new tubular steel perimeter frame which
has the advantage of enabling the fuel tank to be positioned lower down,
lowering the centre of gravity, and offers excellent rider and passenger
ergonomics, including adjustable seat height.
In addition, the new components have resulted in a useful overall weight
reduction of 5kg (11lb).
The suspension and brakes have also been changed, with stiffer front
forks for sharper, more reassuring handling, and the brakes are uprated
brakes with a new caliper design and larger discs (up to 310mm from
Completing the transformation is fresh new styling package which is both
distinctive and extremely attractive, and at the same time recognisably
An accessory luggage system was designed with the rest of the bike from
the outset, ensuring an efficient, integrated machine perfectly suited
to long distance riding.
The result is a major refinement of those qualities which have already
made the Tiger the first choice for many touring riders. The high riding
position offers exceptional visiblity, ideal for viewing the surrounding
scenery and enhancing safety by allowing the rider to see over cars in
an urban environment.
The long travel suspension is particularly suited to travel on poor road
surfaces either in town or in remote regions.
The twin headlamp, frame-mounted fairing offers essential protection
from the windblast at speed and provides superb night time visibility.
The big 24 litre fuel tank capacity gives the bike an exceptional range
between fill-ups for fewer interruptions to the riding pleasure.
1. New engine
2. Revised throttle bodies
3. New air bypass system
4. New airbox
5. New frame
6. Reduced weight
7. Adjustable seat height
8. Improved braking
9. Improved suspension
10. Wider rear tyre
11. Power socket
12. Sealed battery
13. Range of accessories
1. The 885cc fuel-injected triple has been retuned from its role in the
outgoing Speed Triple T509 to produce 87PS (86bhp) at 8,200rpm and 85Nm
(62lb.ft) at 6,400rpm. These compare with the previous Tiger's figures
of 85PS (84bhp) at 8,000rpm and 82Nm (60lb.ft) at 6,000rpm, and the
previous Speed Triple T509's figures of 108PS (106bhp) at 9,100rpm and
85Nm (63lb.ft) at 7,500rpm.
2. The throttle bodies have been changed and now use 5 degree
butterflies in place of the previous 12 degree items, to provide the
rider with more precise control at very small throttle openings. These
have resulted in a liquid smooth power delivery that enhances low speed
riding particularly.
3. A new stepper motor in the air bypass system eliminates hunting at
idle, giving the bike a more reliable tickover speed.
4. The airbox is constructed of screwed together components rather than
welded to improve quality and ease maintenance, further enhanced by its
new snap-on fit.
5. The 1999 Tiger has an all-new, tubular steel perimeter frame which
incorporates the engine as a stressed component, and allows improved
ergonomics, reduced weight and adjustable seat height.
6. The combination of new engine and frame have resulted in a 5kg (11lb)
reduction in the Tiger's overall weight, benefiting all aspects of
performance, including acceleration, braking and handling. In additon,
the centre of gravity is lower, improving manoeuvrability and low speed
7. The '99 Tiger's seat is adjustable in three positions from a height
of 840mm (33.1in) to 860mm (33.8in), increasing accessibility to a
greater range of riders.
8. A combination of new caliper design with an increase in disc diameter
from 276mm to 310mm has increased braking power and improved feedback to
the rider.
9. The front forks are firmer on the new Tiger, for sharper handling and
more accurate steering.
10. Rear grip has been improved with a 150/80 ZR17 tyre in place of the
previous 140/80 x 17 fitment.
11. A 12V power socket is included as standard fitment, compatible with
a wide range of accessories, improving the versatility of the Tiger as a
touring machine.
12. The sealed battery is fitted as standard for ease of maintenance.
13. A selection of Triumph accessories is available, designed from the
concept stage to complement the Tiger perfectly.
Lightweight, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 3-cylinder engine with DOHC,
12 valves.
Oil cooler for improved engine temperature control.
Spin-on oil filter for easy maintenance.
Low maintenance bucket and shim valve train.
Satin black powder coated engine for long term durability.
Magnesium cam, clutch, water pump and outlet covers for light weight.
Lightweight polymer sprocket cover.
Cable operated clutch for additional weight saving.
Sagem MC2000 electronic engine management, with automatic cold start
compensation and self diagnostic capability.
Reprogrammable injection mapping to match accessory performance
Closed loop catalytic converter in some markets.
Individual plug top coils for stronger sparks and reduced weight.
Sealed battery.
Precise 6-speed transmission to enhance performance and riding pleasure.
Durable stainless steel exhaust headers with balancer designed to boost
mid-range power.
Tubular steel perimeter frame using engine as structural member.
Anodised aluminium alloy swingarm with eccentric chain adjusters.
Rising rate monoshock rear suspension with remote preload adjustment and
adjustable rebound damping.
Long travel 43mm forks with rubber stanchion protectors.
Dual purpose tyres mounted on spoked wheels with lightweight aluminium
alloy rims.
Stainless steel braided front brake lines.
Frame-mounted fairing with powerful twin headlights.
Adjustable seat height, from 840mm (33.1in) to 860mm (33.8in), to suit a
wider range of riders.
Hand protection guards
Sump guard
Clear instrumentation including: digital speedometer and clock, odometer
and trip meter, tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges, with warning
lights for turn signals, main beam, oil pressure and neutral.
Hazard warning lights.
Lightweight polymer fuel tank with 24 litre (5.3 gal Imp., 6.1 gal US)
Cast aluminium rack with durable powder coating.
Colour options
Jet Black with Silver decal.
Lightning Yellow with Black decal.
Triumph Accessories
Performance aftermarket silencer
Cast aluminium grabrail
Cast aluminium rack
Colour coordinated panniers
Colour coordinated top box
Back rest for top box
Integrated alarm
Centre stand
Heated grips
Optimate Battery Charger Adaptor
High Level Screen
Type                    Liquid-cooled, DOHC, in-line 3 cylinder
Capacity                855cc
Bore/stroke             76 x 65mm
Compression ratio       11.2:1
Fuel system             Multipoint sequential EFI
Throttle bodies         41mm diameter
Primary drive           Gear
Clutch                  Wet, multi-plate
Gearbox                 6-speed
Ignition                Digital-inductive type via electronic 
Engine management
Headlight               2 x 12V 60/55W halogen H4
Cycle parts
Frame                   Tubular steel perimeter
Swingarm                Aluminium with eccentric chain adjuster
Wheels                  Front: alloy 36-spoke, 19" x 2.5"
                        Rear: alloy 40-spoke, 17" x 4.25"
Tyres                   Front: 110/80 x 19
                        Rear: 150/80 x 17
Suspension              Front: 43mm telescopic forks
                        Rear: rising rate monoshock with remotely    
                        adjustable preload and adjustable rebound    
Brakes                  Front: 2 x 310mm discs, 2-piston calipers
                        Rear: Single 285mm disc, 2-piston caliper
Length                  2175mm (85.6in)
Width                   860mm (33.8in)
Height                  1345mm (52.9in)
Seat height             840-860mm (33.1-33.8in)
Wheelbase               1550mm (61.0in)
Weight (dry)            215kg (474lb)
Performance (measured to DIN 70020)
Maximum power   87PS (86bhp) at 8,200rpm
Maximum torque  85Nm (62lb.ft) at 6,00rpm
Maximum revs            8,500rpm
Service intervals       6000 miles
Warranty                2 years unlimited mileage

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